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PASconcept September 2021 Newsletter

New Functionalities

File Upload

A Grid View has been added to the “Upload Files” tab. This view allows you to see thumbnails of images and PDFs. Both Images and PDFs can be previewed in PASconcept directly by selecting the “View” option.



In the proposal wizard Step 1 (Client), the enhanced Client Contact field can now search for existing clients or prompt an entry form for a new client.

In the proposal wizard Step 4 (Payments), the Payment Schedules Type can be defined as percentages based on either the Total Fees, The Phases, or The Tasks. Additionally users can create custom payment schedules by selecting the Custom Types.

Project Management guide

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PASconcept is an application designed to provide a comprehensive management tool that guarantees team efficiency, as well as increases work effectiveness. So what are you waiting for?! Go check it out and don’t miss an opportunity to use such an incredibly useful business tool, soon to be your organization’s new best friend!

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Good Things About Multitasking

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Maintaining the technological abilities up to date is essential for these specialists. That is why PASconcept is a vital tool that helps improve your work oriented towards Multitasking.
With PASconcept you can plan and control quicker every single one of the associated projects.

Digital Signature

PASconcept gives you the flexibility of saving multiple employee digital signatures to apply accordingly to each proposal.


Good Management Practices

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The main rule in order to save time is to internalize that every project has different life cycles. Respective phases to these cycles include a process of monitoring and controlling from start to finish.

Every project must have a Deadline Management.

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At PASconcept, we know each business is unique.

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