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Eastern Engineering Group Case Study

Company Overview

After years of learning from their mentors and gathering experience from different engineering firms in Miami Florida, a group of structural engineers decided to collaborate and create a structural engineering firm combining all those years of dedication to the field.

Eastern Engineering Group was founded on September 7th, 2005, thanks to a group of dreamers that decided to open their structural engineering firm.

At the beginning the company started using excel sheets and word documents to manage their projects. However, they were spending a lot of time copying and pasting the same information multiple times for a specific project.



In reflection upon their business, the firm found that they were facing a series of obstacles barring them from reaching the firm’s full potential. They identified 3 key challenges:

  • Many moving parts. They were using many pieces of software to manage the company that often resulted in redundancy and inefficient multi-tasking.
  • No robust analytics. They didn’t have the right production-focused analytics where they could draw conclusions from to determine the firm’s current situation.
  • Many hands in one project. As the firm grew it became more difficult for them to manage the communication and interaction of the different parties that participated on various projects.


The solution was PASconcept.


PASconcept is a web-based application designed to provide an all-inclusive management system for firms that simplifies the project life cycle, provides robust analytics, and facilitates communication and administrative duties.

An All-in-One that gets the job done!

Case Study


Time Saved. Having everything integrated in PASconcept reduces time spent on company analytics.


Real results in real time. They have the tools to be able to observe the past, manage the present and better forecast the future of the company.


Reduced Cost. They no longer need numerous applications to manage different activities.


Increased Productivity. It is very simple to find the information they need and easy for the clients to say “yes.”


On-the-go. Access PASconcept from anywhere




Eastern Engineering Group is one of the fast growing structural engineering firms in Miami, Florida.

The firm has been able to manage more than 10,000 projects using PASconcept as their Project Administration System to manage each project cycle. Eastern Engineering Group is firmly set on delivering high quality services and products, while constantly improving them further.

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