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Good Things About Multitasking

Nowadays, a whole multitasking generation surges in which consumer habits are changing and the different ways of socializing are becoming virtual. The companies work according to a client that sets its own schedule and does not have deadlines established by the company. To cover the needs of the modern client, the professionals and the companies of the 21st century must optimize their abilities and accept the many benefits of multitasking. This concept helps shape more effective entrepreneurial strategies, projected through integral, adaptive and efficient professionals.

Knowing what multitasking is, its advantages, and how to become a model professional with such characteristics and tools in order to achieve it; knowing how to identify the technological applications that allow one to be more efficient guarantees the correct functioning of the company – employee – client trilogy in order to meet the different objectives and complement each other’s needs.

Multitasking Professional, Sharp-witted, Faster and Better

The multitasking generation basically consists of young men and women that have been interacting with Information and Communication technology since their childhoods. Digital natives that have focused their thoughts to the viral network age. For this younger generation, it is normal to watch and interact with a variety of digital products simultaneously through the Web, the interactive television and newsletters, among other communication channels.

This scenario obligates companies to diversify and hire employees that possess multitasking skills that match today’s times. This is why the 21st century professional must have the capacity to be able to carry out different tasks simultaneously and effectively. Quoting the American journalist Charles Duhigg, “one must be sharp-witted, faster and better”.

Professionals with skills related to the company that hires them. People that know how to organize and prioritize tasks. Employees that manage their time in a more efficient manner and that are able to learn and execute the more adequate procedures to carry the different tasks that the job requires. This is the profile that many companies are looking for, as they see multitasking as an essential skill in the current workplace in order to be able to succeed in their mission.

Benefits of Multitasking

Time saving is one of the many advantages of multitasking. To be able to perform more tasks in less time translates to a better performance. The speed with which the client solicits the service and the speed with which a response is given is shortened by multitasking.

A multitasking professional has the possibility to assume more important responsibilities in the company because this person can do various activities at the same time; every single one with good results. This skill benefits the company because it helps reduce salary expenses, since one person can do the job of many, without dropping the quality of the work.

The employee with these characteristics can be in charge of different projects at the same time. Stands out for being effective, practical, creative, quick and resilient. Thanks to being used to carry out several tasks at the same time, the multitasking individuals acquire a better reaction capacity when more complex projects show up at the door.

Tools to Become a Multitasking Professional

One must appropriate the consumer’s language, perform adequate content management and find new formats and tones to get closer to the client, which ends up being essential t every company.

This is why today all over the world professionals are oblivious to analogic machines, which are slow and obsolete. Employees that are able to develop new technological skills according to what’s going on on the Internet, Social Media and mobile devices. That is why the modern professional must maintain and develop technological skills to get the attention of their company.

It is necessary for multitasking individuals to avoid distractions. Ancestral techniques such as Mindfulness have been revitalized and go alongside Emotional Intelligence and Entrepreneurial Coaching, which could be the solution to not disassociate, avoid stress and maintain your workspace organized.

Mindfulness is a meditative technique in which by focalizing attention, individuals can discern with more clarity problematic situations and think of quick and direct solutions. Skill that becomes useful for people or work teams that must fence with different problems at the same time. This provides quickness and effectiveness in the search for practical solutions.

Other Tools that Improve the Benefits of Multitasking

  • Working in a clean and organized workspace.
  • Grouping similar tasks to carry them out together is an intelligent choice. This way you do not get distracted with other minor tasks that slow you down.
  • Making a priority list that organizes the different tasks from more to less urgent.
  • Practicing is an appropriate way of reducing costs through error fixing. Besides, it is critical to simplify transitions among tasks.
  • Organizing your workload taking into account the several time thieves such as social media, email or other distractions that might affect your multitasking operation.
  • Disconnecting from technological devices once you’re out of the office is a good way of resetting. Our mind also needs rest in order to be more productive.
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Technology and Multitasking Go Together

Multitasking appeared thanks to technology. There are key elements that make this modality of work possible. To begin with, the person is a fundamental being that constantly develops new habits and skills. Secondly, the information is used as a construct that conforms to the projects that are being made. Then the connectivity, essential to access information in places, moments and circumstances that were inaccessible before. Lastly, the technological mediums that are used as support and are seen as fundamental in order to achieve the goal.


Amongst the applications that help improve multitasking benefits, we can find the following:

Dual Screen

Before the professional starts to work he/she will need the tools that allow them to achieve quickness at work and diversification of tasks. If work is done through a mobile device, dual screen becomes effective. This tool allows you to split the screen in two so you can work on two different tasks at the same time.

Tiny Apps

The floating applications to do common tasks are an excellent option. Tiny Apps is an application that brings mini floating applications. Here, the windows are always kept visible. You can resize and move them as you please. They also become an icon once you drag them to the side of the screen.

Rainy Mood

According to the Blog site Workana, there are other applications that improve the benefits of Multitasking. One of those is Rainy Mood, an online tool that plays the soothing sound of rain. This sound helps with a better focus and concentration.


This free Google Chrome Extension allows you to limit the time that you spend on websites such as Facebook or Twitter. It allows you to create a black list of websites that you want to block or limit while you are working. Also a white list of websites that you want to have easy access to.

PASconcept, a Multitasking Vision

When we talk about procedures and tools that help the development of multitasking, we cannot help but mention the tools of collaborative work, which PASconcept is a part of.

These tools allow the correct management of objectives and goals, actions and results. These tools help design, develop, exchange and control all of the projects being done at the same time.

The integral management of content is an essential part of the birth of PASconcept. Counting on this technological tool for daily work allows us to better visualize the benefits of Multitasking. It offers the possibility to create various projects simultaneously through short development cycles. This allows the professional to carry out different and simultaneous tasks; and even work on the improvement of projects along the way.

Integral Management of the Designer with PASconcept

If we think about versatile specialists able to assume Multitasking, we first visualize Structural Engineers, Architects and Designers in general. Eduardo Torroja, in “Reason and being of structural types”, describes them as specialists with technical knowledge and professional education adapted to the company’s mission.

Maintaining the technological abilities up to date is essential for these specialists. That is why PASconcept is a vital tool that helps improve your work oriented towards Multitasking. With PASconcept you can plan and control quicker every single one of the associated projects. Its use then helps a a work advantage and market competitiveness.

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Paula Omañas is the Marketing Communications Manager for PASconcept. She graduated from FIU with a Bachelors Degree in Business Administration double majoring in Marketing and Management.