Employee Management

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Performance Monitoring

As employees enter their hours, PASconcept begins to analyze their productivity. Know which of your employees are the top producers with the data to support that claim.

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Time Tracking

PASconcept makes it easy for employees to enter their time accurately and effectively. This dynamically lets you know if a project is at risk of going over budget before it happens.

File Sharing
File-Sharing Tools

PASconcept allows users to access files shared and associated to projects. In this way, employees always have the information they need, when they need it.

Employee Productivity

PASconcpet provides you with intelligent tools that help you determine which employee is right for a project based on workload and productivity.

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Better Communication and Better Decision Making

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Keeping all your employees on the same page is one of the most essential aspects of employee management. With PASconcept, you make it easy to keep everyone informed and updated about project developments.

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PASconcept is a must for anyone looking to implement effective employee management. PASconcept helps you centralize your employee data to streamline your HR functions and make decision-making easier.

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Through Projects Reports and Timesheet Report, you can see which employees worked on what projects and for how long and the total time worked by employees within a given period.