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PASconcept July 2024 Newsletter

July Highlights!

We have a major development that we would like to announce to our users as updates:

Introducing Enhanced Invoice Management in PASconcept
We are excited to announce significant enhancements to the invoice management system within the PASconcept platform. Our new design aligns with the interface standards of other PASconcept entity detail pages, making it more intuitive and user-friendly. Invoices have been transformed from simple pop-ups or basic pages into a comprehensive tabbed interface that provides a more structured and efficient experience.
What’s New?

Our updated invoice management system now includes four dedicated tabs:

1. Detail Tab
The previously known invoice page has been renamed to the Invoice Details Tab. Here, you can configure all the crucial details of your invoice, including:
Scheduling: Set the date when the invoice is scheduled to be sent.
Due Date: Specify the due date for payment.
Amount: Enter the total amount due.
Additional Details: Add any other relevant information about the invoice.
This tab centralizes all configuration options, making it easier to manage your invoices comprehensively.

2. Preview Tab
The Preview Tab is a new addition that allows you to see a pre-visualization of what your client will see. This feature, previously available only with proposals, now lets you:
View Invoice Layout: Ensure that all details are accurately presented before sending.
Client Perspective: Experience the invoice exactly as your client will receive it.
This enhancement ensures clarity and precision in your invoicing process.

3. Payments Tab
The Payments Tab provides a detailed log of all payments made towards the invoice. It includes:
Payment History: View a chronological list of all transactions.
Payment Details: Access specifics such as payment dates, amounts, and methods.
This tab simplifies tracking and managing payments, offering a transparent overview of your financial interactions.

4. Activity Log Tab
The Activity Log Tab offers detailed insights into the invoice’s activity, including:
Client Engagement: See if and when your client has viewed the invoice.
Sending History: Track when the invoice was sent and any follow-up actions.
Comprehensive Insights: Access all previously available details from the Billing Tab of the Job or the Invoice Table under the Finances menu item.
This feature provides a complete audit trail, enhancing accountability and transparency.

Why This Change?
Our goal is to streamline and enhance your invoicing experience by making it more intuitive and aligned with the robust functionality of other PASconcept entity detail pages. The new tabbed interface organizes information efficiently, reduces clutter, and improves usability, ensuring you have all the necessary tools at your fingertips.
We hope these improvements will significantly enhance your workflow and provide a better overall user experience.

Thank you for choosing PASconcept!

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