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Client Management,
Much More than Contact Information

From proposal acceptance to project tracking and invoice activity, PASconcept provides clients with a richer client experience.

Client List

Our detailed Client list view provides you with more than just contact information. See recent client activities, pending items and more

Client Outreach

Reach multiple clients at once with our Mass Mailer Module. This mass mailer can serve as company-wide notices or client outreach.

Client Portal

Each Client can have access to a unique Client portal where they can stay up-to-date on projects and invoices

Clients Classification

Categorize and classify your clients in the best way to suit your business.

Map Location

View where your clients are located geographically. View all or groups of clients and where they can be located at a county, city, neighborhood level, and more.

Smarter Outreach for a Better Client Experience


With PASconcept you can provide clients with a richer client experience. From proposal acceptance to project tracking and invoice activity, your clients will always be in the know.


View trends and tendencies through custom grouping. View critical data associated with a specific subset of clients determined by you


Access Client contact information from any screen in PASconcept where the client is mentioned. Save Administrative time and provide a better service.