PASconcept at Every Step

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From the moment you receive information on a potential project you can begin to collect that information so that when it is time to submit a proposal you can do so with ease.

Collect Lead Information

Upload Files Associated to the Project

Easily Convert to a Proposal

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Not only does PASconcept significantly reduce the time it takes to generate a proposal but gives you and your team the tools to ensure that the prices associated with your proposal will be profitable. 

Intuitive Proposal Generation

Digital Client Signature and Acceptance

Automated Cost Estimation


PASconcept eliminates the headache of managing subcontractors. Not only does PASconcept manages the full communication cycle but also the collection of estimates from your subs and the population of your selected subs onto your Proposal.

Digital Bid Process for Subs

Free Subcontractor Portal

Easily Track Project Costs

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Once a project becomes active, PASconcept allows users to track every facet of a project in real-time. Rich reporting lets you mage efficiently, react to potential project threats before they become a problem, and make the best decisions for your project and your company.

Real-time project Tracking and Reporting

User based Access to Information

Associate Relevant Files and Information

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main icon showcase Quality Management
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Better Management, Better Company

Save costs

You no longer need numerous softwares to manage the life cycle of your projects.

Save time

Integrate your team, clients, suppliers around the project, they will contribute and be informed in real time.

Increase Productivity

See how all the information and tasks surrounding project management are simplified, making it easy for you until now to be a headache.

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