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PASconcept August 2022 Newsletter

Proposal Scope & Fees

Scope and Fees

Scope and fees is the section where you define what the project encompasses and its cost. You must be thorough and clear when defining the scope of a project. This will avoid any misunderstanding between you and a potential client.

Read the Article, to learn how to define the scope of a project and how to calculate the fees associated with it!

Terms and Conditions for an Architectural or Engineering Proposal

Terms and Conditions

Terms and conditions are the legal section of a proposal. This is where you set ground rules regarding your services. A terms and conditions agreement outlines the requirements and the expectations of both parties during the project. It is designed to prevent abuse from either party and create trust between you and your client.

PASconcept facilitates this process a lot because it allows you to store different terms and conditions for each type of project.

Read the Article!

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