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PASconcept October 2022 Newsletter

PASconcept Updates

  • Users can observe the amount of time that has lapsed since their last login at the footer of any page.
  • Contacts can be converted to a Subconsultant Contact with the click of a button in the Contact profile.
  • Company’s can allow users to Clock-in and Clock-out. Clocked time can be viewed by users with the appropriate permissions in Project>Time Entries> Punch Card Logs
Quickbooks Integration
  • A Quickbook’s specific IFF file can now be exported with Timesheet/Time Entry information to be imported to Quickbooks Desktop
  • Associating Clients, Employees, and Jobs, can be done directly from the Detail View.
  • Any selected job can now be marked as a user Favorite. This will create a quick-link and shortcut from the User’s Homepage. Additionally, Users can filter/sort Favorite Jobs.
  • Bulk Changes can be made to a selected collection of Jobs using the “Bulk Options” button.
  • Users can filter Jobs by Client Contact
  • Users, with the appropriate permissions, can determine which Statuses are viewed in the Kanban view for the Company. Additionally the order in which visible statuses can be viewed can be customized for the company.
  • Email CC & BCC – Emails entered in the BCC and CC area of any communication can be entered with “,” “;” and empty spaces. Making it easier and quicker to add emails to these fields.

Project Management Guide

27 OCT 1080x566

Our Project Management Guide webinar took place on October 27th!

We talked about how to Optimize Project Management of your A/E company.

Stay tuned for our next webinar to learn how to save time and focus on what really matters.

PASconcept Webinars

If you missed any of our previous webinars, head to our YouTube channel to watch them in their entirety!
Optimizing the Life Cycle of Your Project
Proposal Management Made Easy
Project Management Guide 

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