PASconcept November 2023 Newsletter

PASconcept November 2023 Newsletter

November Highlights!

This month we celebrate Thanksgiving! Wishing you a warm and joyful holiday season with your loved ones!

We are delighted to inform you that our platform has undergone a series of enhancements. Find detailed information on the newly incorporated features below:

  • Employee by Period: We have added another view for the time entries which shows the total of hours that were entered for that payroll period by employee.
  • Import Tasks: You can now import a series of tasks and phases into a proposal or job by populating our excel sheet template with your task list.
  • Add Statement from Job: Create a statement of invoices from the job page and choose between all the invoices that correspond to a particular job.
  • Task Status: In the Scope of Work under the Job, the tasks will be filtered by the default status “In Progress” however you can select the status that best fits your needs.

We believe that these enhancements will serve as valuable tools for our clients. Our main goal is to enhance your experience and assist you in saving both time and effort.

In our November Newsletter also we’d like to emphasize the potential of our Marketplace feature, designed to enhance PASconcept by combining user-friendliness and adaptability to suit your company’s unique requirements. Explore a range of Add-ons and integrations for Project Management, Finances, Payment Portals, Client Management, and more! The PASconcept Marketplace simplifies Add-on activation, offering a selection of Add-ons and Integrations. With complete customization capabilities at your disposal, the potential for tailoring PASconcept is limitless.

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