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PASconcept March 2022 Newsletter

New Functionalities

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We have updated the Add Invoice Form to include the following items:
  • “Scheduled For” Date: This optional field is the date the invoice should be sent.
  • “Automatically Send”: If checked, this invoice will be automatically sent on the “Scheduled For” Date.
  • Due Date: If this date is left blank, upon being sent, the due date will be determined by the client’s Net Terms.
  • “Recurrence Days”: This field has been renamed to “Send reminder every ___ Days”. If a value is entered in this field, a reminder will be sent to the client in the frequency defined (Every 3 Days, Every 7 Days, Every 30 Days, etc),  until the invoice is paid in full.


In addition to the above changes, modification have been made to the Receivable Invoices page to allow users to easily and best manage these fields.


Included in these is the existence of a “Scheduled for” column which will show a date is the invoice has been scheduled and if the invoice was scheduled and not sent the date will appear in red.  These changes can also be seen from within the Job’s Billing Tab.

Billing Management Webinar

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Creativity and Innovation

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By defining what creativity and innovation are, knowing how these mental processes converge for the achievement of business growth; re-solving problems by applying strategies out of lateral or creative thinking, out of the ordinary and the normed, will result in companies or businesses adapting to the changes of the market, with which it will be a step ahead of the competition.
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Emotional Intelligence: Business Leadership

April Newsletter Emotional Intelligence
Leaders who succeed in their position understand that one of the most significant assets a business possesses is people. Understanding what drives people in a work environment distinguishes ordinary and remarkable leaders.
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