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Creativity and Innovation

According to Diego Parra Duque, creativity is that nearly magical ability that allows us to connect with latent and unknown possibilities in our way of thinking. It is that of bio-psycho-social and unique entities, we have the capacity to be and to do beyond what we capture or experience in daily life. In this capacity, creativity and innovation play a preponderant role; that dynamic, rebellious and transgressive being; thinking outside the norm, from other perspectives and differentiating dynamics.

By defining what creativity and innovation are, knowing how these mental processes converge for the achievement of business growth; re-solving problems by applying strategies out of lateral or creative thinking, out of the ordinary and the normed, will result in companies or businesses adapting to the changes of the market, with which it will be a step ahead of the competition.

What is creativity and business innovation?

There are two mental processes that help generate ideas and enhance them, creativity and innovation. Taking these processes on and putting them to practice brings another dimension to problem solving. Being creative and innovative is nothing more than developing and putting into practice the imagination, the creative fantasy; which is usually necessary to differentiate in any business or venture.

According to E. Córdoba, J. Castillo and N. Castillo in their article Creativity and Innovation: Engines of Business Development, these processes must be enhanced as two intertwined mechanisms that elevate the commercialization, management, efficiency and effectiveness of companies, raising the probability of business success.

Therefore, it is necessary to promote a creative and developing climate in organizations and companies. In the long run, this will increase employee satisfaction and improve competitiveness.

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 Fostering creativity and innovation

To promote creativity and innovation the right way, you have to balance both variables with financial prudence, which can be a challenge for any organization or company. Creativity is not a process exclusive to geniuses or great creators, anyone can achieve creativity through proper learning. To do this, you must meet the following conditions:

  • Fluency: Ability to produce ideas.
  • Flexibility: Ability to ensure that the ideas produced belong to very different classes.
  • Originality: Ability to make ideas original.

Organizations or companies must identify the personnel that meet these characteristics and enhance them in those who do not inherit them through teamwork. Individuals who are creative permeate this vibe to those who are not, or are working to be; so, the entire group works better based on creative and innovative action, creating innovative alternatives that favor the workplace. Such alternatives must be achievable, objective, and measurable. You have to create, innovate, dream, but with your feet on the ground.

For Architecture and Engineering companies, there is a tool that allows you to promote creativity and innovation through teamwork. PASconcept is the platform that allows the integrative management of the company in an easy, orderly and measurable way; allowing the access of the work team to micro-development projects, which in other circumstances would take time and be more difficult to specify, so that with its use time is gained in the variable time, therefore favoring a greater margin to develop creativity and innovation.

Renewal for business growth

Constant renewal is another dynamic that must be applied to achieve business growth. This will allow the business to remain stable and positioned in the market. Even the most creative brands need to renew themselves.

This renovation should be around the manufacturing of products at a lower cost, with high quality. Novel presentation and aesthetics are also important to capture the interest of customers. Capturing that interest depends largely on the way and means in which these customers are reached. Additionally, a business must meet their ever-changing interests, needs and motivations.

For an Architecture and Engineering company, it is essential to renew itself towards hypertextuality and interactivity in this world of Artificial Intelligences and the Internet of Things; For this, the use of Web Technologies such as those proposed by PASconcept, is an effective way to move within the market in a dynamic, creative and effective way, in order to manage the company internally and externally.

Lateral thinking. Creative thinking mode.

What any organization or company offers needs to provide value for the customer. You will obtain this value by having an exclusive ability to provide the products or services. But to achieve this, lateral thinking must be available.

Lateral thinking is nothing more than a technique to solve problems and situations in an imaginative way and with a completely creative approach. It is a very specific way of organizing thought processes through uncommon strategies or algorithms, which would normally be avoided by a more logical and rational type of thinking.

This kind of thinking represents innovation. To develop it, we need to change the way we perceive the world around us. As Rafael Arbide Domínguez puts it: you have to stop looking at things to start seeing them, to delve into them, to ask yourself if they are well executed, if they can be improved, if they can be done more simply, more useful, cheaper, more pleasant from the aesthetic point of view … We must become a permanent critic of the current reality trying to find a different and more advanced vision of our environment.

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Reimagine the box

Similarly to how individuals have a worldview marked by their experiences, beliefs, aspirations; organizations and companies also emerge with a very specific mission, vision, values and ways of doing. In these ways of doing and carrying out the work, we can feel comfortable, and therefore stagnate. Maintaining this stagnancy for an extended period of time prevents us from being creative, so we undoubtedly and constantly have to reimagine the box, think outside the business.

You must step out of the comfort zone or the construct of everything created so far within the organization or company. You must go further to acquire new knowledge and new experiences. This new knowledge will expand the box, expand the business, make it more prosperous and diverse.

Thinking outside the box is a thought of pure innovation. This implies the fact that solutions are not definitive and, therefore, have to be in constant review, waiting for more and better ideas to emerge.

Reinvent your morning with PASconcept

Authors such as Giménez, C., Macrini, D., & Miyaji, R. in their article Quality and Innovation. A Strategic Business Vision, explains that the great challenges that originate a globalized, changing and convulsed world economy, force companies and organizations to promote creative and innovative scenarios in order to provide unique and unique strategies, which ensure their survival over time.

Creativity and innovation allow the creation of authentic, innovative and meaningful products in the eyes of customers, it is a necessity for organizations and companies to work according to their development; reimagine their businesses and make visible various perspectives to the problems presented.

To be successful, you have to create and innovate; and to achieve this, you need to optimize all areas of work that need it. With PASconcept this goal is achieved, with us you gain time and reinvent the tomorrow of your company.

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Paula Omañas is the Marketing Communications Manager for PASconcept. She graduated from FIU with a Bachelors Degree in Business Administration double majoring in Marketing and Management.