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PASconcept July 2021 Newsletter

New Functionalities


In the Jobs Module, you will now find four different buttons on the top left corner. By clicking these buttons you can now see your jobs in four different views: List View, Board View, Gantt View, and Map View.

  • List View: This is a standard list table where you are able to see all your jobs on a list.
  • Board View: This view shows each job as a card under a specific column that denotes the status of the project. These cards will automatically move from status to status when each job has a respective change. Job cards are characterized by Job Number, Job Name, Client, Related Employees, and you can even take actions such as add time or add employees by clicking on their respective blue icons.
  • Gantt View: You will now be able to view the projects on a Gantt chart which illustrates the project schedule.
  • Map View: When selecting this view, a map supported by Google Maps will show you the location of all the projects. The colors of the location pins will denote the project status. 

Job Scope Tab

Guess what?! We have a new tab for the scope of a job! Inside a job, under the “Scope” tab, you are now able to see the scope view of a project in the form of List View or Gantt View. You can add tasks and phases as well.

In the “Project” and “Task & Service” tables, you are able to see very detailed information about each job. Some of the features include a job number, the name of the project, assigned hours, executed hours, estimated end date, and even the status of the job. These tables also show the start and end date of either the project or the task, depending on which table you are looking at. You are also able to see the progress in the form of a percentage. How practical is this?!

This will allow you to track the progress and activities that are happening on each project, and your project managers will be able to make better and informed decisions.


Opportunities can be viewed in Board Style like the jobs, which cards can be moved from status to status depending on the evolution of the opportunity. 

We also incorporated new statuses such as: Not in Progress, Not Interested, Submitted, Disqualified, and Not Awarded. These new statuses allow the user to easily classify the development of each opportunity.

Functionality Revisions

Add New Time

When adding time to a job, the user is able to update the state of completion of the selected Task. This percentage will be reflected in the Job Scope Tab. 


Multiple activities can be added using the Add Sequence button located to the right of any Opportunity, Job, Client and Proposal. You will find this button in the form of a series of three vertical dots. 


In the Opportunities tab, you can now enter time directly to an opportunity by visiting the “Times Tab”.

Opportunities can now be linked to existing proposals and the opportunity status will change as per the status of the proposal.

User Profile

The user can now configure which statuses will appear by default in both the Proposals and Opportunities List. They can even choose which Opportunity view they wish to have as default; For example either List or Board View.

What is PASconcept?

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PASconcept is an application designed to provide a comprehensive management tool that guarantees team efficiency, as well as increases work effectiveness. So what are you waiting for?! Go check it out and don’t miss an opportunity to use such an incredibly useful business tool, soon to be your organization’s new best friend! Check out this article!

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PASconcept is a web-based application designed to provide an all-inclusive management system for architectural and engineering companies.

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