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PASconcept February 2022 Newsletter

New Functionalities


  • Activities can be deleted using the bulk delete option in the Activity Report List View.
  • Activities related to a contact can be observed from the Contacts list in the Activity column.
  • Users can sync their PASconcept User Activities Calendar by using the Subscribe to Calendar feature on the Activity Calendar Page.
  • Once subscribed, events/activities created in PASconcept will appear on the user’s Calendar (Google, Outlook, etc).
  • Activities can be assigned to multiple users at one time. This can be done by selecting multiple users in the Employee Field of the Activity Form.
  • Activities can be used as “Internal Activities”. This can be made possible by simply not selecting a client. No client will be associated to this activity.
  • Activities can be associated to contacts directly. This means that activities can now be related to Vendors, Subconsultants and other Contacts.


  • Sources can be attributed to contacts.
  • Contacts can be converted with one click by clicking the “Convert to Client” button.
  • Contact Profiles contain both Contact Info and Activity Info Tabs.


  • Clients and Contacts can be associated to custom Sources defines per Company.
  • This option can be found in the Settings>Contacts> Contact Sources page.


  • Opportunities can be generated from either a Contact or a Client.


  • Company wide Notification and User Specific Notifications can be generated from the Employee Notifications Page. This can be found in Resources>Notifications.


  • A per-client profitability report can be accessed by changing the view in the Clients List.


  • The process for creating proposals mirrors the creation of a proposal with the updated Proposal Template Form.
  • Proposals with a Deposit will direct clients directly to the existing invoice upon acceptance.


  • Adding a new Job is made easier with an updated New Job Form.


  • Users can view pending and past Due Activities from the Homepage
    • Users can mark Activities as Complete by dragging and dropping the activity card to the “Completed Today” area of the home page.
    • Users can mark Activities as Cancelled by dragging and dropping the activity card to the “Cancelled Today” area of the home page.

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