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PASconcept August 2021 Newsletter

New Functionalities

Client Ledger

A new tab has been added to the Client Detail View called the Client Ledger. The Client Ledger is an overview of the invoices and payments related to a specific client along with a running balance. By default, this ledger is filtered to show the last 30 days.

Client Contacts

Clients can now have multiple contacts associated to them, they can be viewed by visiting the “Contacts” tab in the client detail. These contacts can fall under the following categories: Primary Contact, Billing Contact, and General Contact.

Receivable Statements

In the dropdown menu under the Finance tab, there is a page called Billing Assistant. Here we can find all the information pertaining invoices and we made available another view, the Statement List.

In the Statement Details Page beyond standard statement information, one can easily add/remove invoices pertaining to one client using a single or bulk selection of invoices.

Billing Assistant

In the Billing Assistant page, activities can now be added to both Statements and Invoices. These activities can be found under “Pending Activities” tab.

Payment Portals

With this new update, clients can now pay invoices and statements through Zelle using a “Zelle” button. Payments made through this Payment Portal can be automatically entered in PASconcept by selecting the “”Generate Payment Once Transaction Number is Entered” option.


In the client profile page, “Payment Net Terms” can now be entered. The Net Terms determine the default payment Due Date for all Invoices & Statements generated for this client. Under “Payment Net Term” in the Client Profile page, standard terms can be selected from the drop down menu or custom terms can be entered manually.

Wellcome to PASconcept

PASconcept is a web-based application designed to provide an all-inclusive management system for architectural and engineering companies.

PASconcept and APIs

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We are proud to annouce that PASconcept is fully integrated with both Quickbooks Online and others QuickBooks Pro Desktop.

Lacking an integration would require users to go through the trouble of double entry and we consider this to be unacceptable.

Check the article to learn more about how API works.

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