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Team Efficiency: Strategies and Tools

“If you want to go fast, go alone 🏃‍♂️, if you want to go far, go together”,

so the old African proverb says. With that being said, a single man can not define the success of his company. It takes a whole team of individuals to create a successful and thriving workplace 📈. In construction projects, the designers are very crucial to the project, but they do not work alone. You need the cooperation and efficiency of a team to achieve an impact structure. Only then can you bring the project to life!

As Eduardo Torroja said: “Specialization and collaboration are two complementary concepts that find one in the other, the reason for their existence and the value of their effectiveness.”

Implementing strategies and tools so the team is 100% efficient is essential to the success of the project. Throughout this article we will be analyzing some guidelines for achieving this goal. We will go over the importance of having a common goal, effective leadership, optimizing performance, and motivation 😌. 

Common Goal

Team Efficiency

From the great pyramid of Giza, the ancient temples and aqueducts, or more recent work, the Eiffel Tower or the Artificial Islands of Dubai, designers have been needed to raise their vision of the work to the highest level. This vision must be shared and understood by all.

The designer is not an omnipotent or omnipresent being 👷. Specialists can not act as independent individuals who are only concerned with their own actions. They  must be committed under the same common denominator; the team’s work and final goal. You need to trust the people you work with to become a great team.

 When you put trust in your team, it brings together individuals with skills and experiences in different areas. Individuals like architects, engineers and contractors. Once you have a trusting team of talented individuals, there is a collective commitment to the project. The path of success will be achieved in a more efficient way 👍.

Effective Leadership

Authority is useless if it is used forcefully. In construction projects, the designer is considered a leader by nature. Claiming to be the leader with authority will only halt you from your final goal 🤯. It is more important to achieve your goal as a team than declare you are the boss of the project. 

You need to be an empathetic leader. Having a management style adaptable to the moment will be crucial to the final result of your project. It is essential to overcome difficulties that arise and make accurate decisions intelligently for your team. 

To achieve team efficiency it is necessary to lead with common sense and knowledge of the cause📝. Being a leader requires unique teaching and learning skills. You must know how to diagnose, execute and control. Ultimately you need to know how to do as well as how to be.


Every Person Matters

If the quality of the construction project leaves an imprint, it will be a reflection of the entire work team. Therefore, the company must offer opportunities for the development of its members. Allow freedom of ideas💡, assertive communication, and strategies that encourage collective participation in decision-making.

A successful construction process depends largely on team efficiency. When each member is efficient in the project, they will feel like they contributed value to the end result. Allowing your team to equally participate in projects not only helps you reach your end goal, but it leaves you with a happy work team 😃!


A Smart Strategy

Motivation is like faith, it can move mountains ⛰️!! In a general sense, people appreciate feeling useful, especially when they receive results from the work they carry out.

It is an important strategy to hold periodic meetings that detail the progress of the team’s work 📊. Analyze the shortcomings and achievements. Highlight those who influenced positive developments, and include incentives that others can follow. By conducting these meetings, you will bring your team closer together and it will help keep everyone on the same page 📝.

It is necessary to guarantee an exceptional work environment with healthy interpersonal relationships. Delegating is also very crucial. By delegating you give confidence to your team members. When you assign your team members to be in charge of an important part of the project, it will positively influence their attitudes and ultimately their performances.

Work on Customer Needs

It is essential to know the client, their needs and interests. If the team knows who they work for and what they need, they will be more focused on their performance. Alejandro Restrepo Montoya states in his article Sustainable techniques: the researcher architect, designer and builder “The conviction to make dreams possible maintains the hope of continuing to produce new solutions for a society that needs them 💭.” 

At  the end of the day it is our duty to provide our customers with the quality work we promised them. We hope after reading this article you realize how imperative team efficiency is to everything you aspire to achieve. Remember, we will always succeed best as a team 🤍💙.

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Paula Omañas is the Marketing Communications Manager for PASconcept. She graduated from FIU with a Bachelors Degree in Business Administration double majoring in Marketing and Management.