Smart Proposals for A/E Firms

“The simplification of anything is sensational.”

– G.K Chesterton

First impressions can occur long before your client has their proposal in hand. Think about it; how can your clients expect your company to efficiently finish their project on time if you took days to send a single proposal? In this article, you will learn how PASconcept can help your business achieve a superior level of effectiveness by simplifying proposal creation.

Step-by-step Wizard

PASconcept’s smart proposal management system is a user-friendly, six-step wizard for proposal creation that will guide you from proposal concept to proposal reality. The wizard focuses on the following six key points: Client, Project Information, Scope of Work, Payment Schedule, Terms and conditions, and Attachments. 


You can gain valuable information when defining a client, aside from data always needed, such as a client’s phone and address. PASconcept provides you with valuable client information in this step. You can see accurate reports that include how many other proposals the specific client has accepted, how many proposals are pending, how much they have paid to date, and even if any bad debt is present.

Basic Info

One of the most compelling elements within PASconcept is our customizable templates. Unlike other proposal management systems, our software can support any number of custom templates with unique and editable values.

By selecting the suitable template, you can have accurate information about the type of job, including payment schedules, tasks, and terms and conditions. No more “cutting and pasting” from previous proposals or word documents. Templates will pre-populate nearly every field needed for a proposal and can be further customized on a per-proposal basis. 

Scope & Fees

This step is one of the most robust and powerful in the wizard. As its name implies this step will define the project’s proposed scope and its associated fee’s. This can include the phases and tasks related to the project. If you select a template, you will notice that these phases and tasks associated with your project have already been populated. Using our task estimator, you can calculate the resources needed to successfully complete a task and subsequently the minimum your company should charge for the use of these resources to maintain profitability.

Smart Proposal

When it comes to payment terms, you want to be able to conveniently edit them to satisfy any business needs specified in the previous step. Therefore, in this fourth stage, you can define or change a specific form of payment with a client. PASconcept allows you to choose from various previously arranged payment terms and customize them without constantly revisiting the same document. 

Everything you’ve seen so far is made possible by the custom implementation provided by your company. First, you define your project types and can describe specific tasks, payment schedules, and even your terms and conditions. Then, once you have all of those pieces, creating a proposal is as simple as clicking a button!

Terms & Conditions

Terms and conditions are among the most critical parts to be specified in a proposal. When potential customers know they’ll be protected if things go wrong, they’ll be far more likely to sign your proposal. If they’re on the verge of signing, this might be the determining factor that convinces them to sign and convert right away. Once again, our smart proposals system facilitates this process. If I wanted to change these terms, I could easily do so by going to edit and amending them as needed. For example, if the customer chooses to have a different payment due, you could go in and update the proposal to reflect these changes. The client would be able to see these changes in real time. No need to resend the document.


On occasions, you may come across a proposal in which your customer provided you with blueprints, plans, or some other form of material that may limit or influence the work. You can upload those files in this step. Additionally, if this proposal develops into a job, those files will be inherited by that job. As such, there will be no need to upload them again.

Preview and Send

Before you send a proposal to a client, you will always want to make sure it looks as compelling and accurate as you want it to be. In this step, you can observe exactly how the client will see the final proposal. This preview will show a breakdown of all the elements edited before, such as proposal fees and scope. 

Gone are the days of endless forward and back with a client, your PASconcept smart proposal is a living document that can be continuously edited until the client accepts it.  The client can click on the proposal in their email, review it, and PASconcept will notify you how many times the client visited the document from the first click. It is too often that people send a proposal and never hear from that company again. This feature will allow gaining tremendous insight into how the client interacts with the proposal! 

Once all of this is complete, you will be able to track proposals thoroughly, so nothing falls through the cracks!

Smart Proposal
Smart- Proposals?

One of the other significant elements developed here is that your clients will be able to sign digitally! Unlike a PDF, there is no need to print a proposal out, sign it, or send it back; PASconcept allows you to sign a document directly from a mobile device by scanning a QR code. 

The best thing is, the minute a client signs a proposal, this action will trigger a series of actions in PASconcept, many of these alleviating unnecessary administrative burden such as Job and Invoice creation. Once a proposal is accepted a job will automatically be created and added, so there is no need for an administrator to come in and add the job or manually change the proposal’s status. Additionally, if the proposal already has a payment schedule, those invoices will be generated automatically, saving you considerable time and alleviating administrative burden.

As you can see, automation saves time, effort, and money while also reducing the risk of human error, allowing your company to focus on what really counts .

Start increasing productivity and profitability by making them your company’s primary goals!

Smart Proposal

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