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PASconcept June 2021 Newsletter

New Functionalities


The Homepage has been updated with a shortcut function of PASconcept features which gives you direct access to selected sections. Furthermore, an updates section about PASconcept latest functionalities has been added to the Homepage so you can be up to date with all new improvements added to the software. Additionally, A house icon is now available on the top left hand of the screen to easily access the home main site.


Activities can now be cancelled by clicking on the “x” icon located on the right hand corner of each activity. Also, you can now execute email activities such as sending product information emails to clients directly from the PASconcept platform. These can be completed using the envelope icon that appears on the activity right hand corner as well.


A new section called “Opportunities” has been added to the Dashboard. Using the Opportunities Funnel Chart (opportunities dashboard), you can view the natural progression of a client starting from Opportunities to Proposals to Awarded Projects.

Proposal Signatures

This feature that already allows users to generate digital signatures, can now create unique signatures that can be associated to Employees/Users of PASconcept. If active, these signatures can be automatically added to proposals. 

Project Tags

In order to increase the value of the information of clients and proposals, tags can now be used to categorize each profile. Companies can configure up to 9 unique tag categories but the software will only show the active categories. 

Functionality Revisions

Client File Report

In the Clients section under Contacts, you can now see the report of the files that have been uploaded for each client. You can also have access to the roll-up of all files associated to clients (total files and their total size in KB).

Message Templates

Under the activities module, multiple message templates can now be created and selected when sending emails directly from the platform to a client. This will help you save time when performing standard responses that apply for several types of clients. 


When exporting jobs information, the Job Export file now includes the category Department in reference to the specific department in charge of the particular job.

Payment Portals

A new add-on has been integrated in PASconcept called Once activated, clients can now use to pay invoices and statements using a credit card through a “Pay Here” button supported by

Why are Micro-sprints so Important for Efficiency

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Today, many companies are likely to be working on several projects simultaneously, which makes organization and management of all the different moving parts essential for success. Due to this constant flowing nature of business, companies have refrained from using previous traditional methods that have turned out to be bureaucratic and rigid, and have turned to using Agile Methodologies.

Welcome to PASconcept

PASconcept is a web-based application designed to provide an all-inclusive management system for architectural and engineering companies.

Mindfulness for Productivity

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In a globalized world where technology advances at an overwhelming speed, people live among the constant changes and standards imposed by society. Although we may live longer, we go through life at a much faster pace, which is not always healthy given the multitasking functionality that our daily routines demand. Do you feel identified?

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Paula Omañas is the Marketing Communications Manager for PASconcept. She graduated from FIU with a Bachelors Degree in Business Administration double majoring in Marketing and Management.