PASconcept February 2024 Newsletter

PASconcept February 2024 Newsletter

February Highlights!

In our newsletter wishing all a joyful month as we celebrate the spirit of love and friendship in February!

We’re excited to share our latest article. Explore real-time visibility in architectural and engineering endeavors, empowering decision-making and discover essential key performance indicators (KPIs) for structural engineering projects, ensuring successful outcomes and efficient resource management. Learn about PASconcept and contact us today for a free demo and elevate your architectural and engineering projects!

Metrics that Matter: Architectural and Structural Engineering Dashboards for Project Success

Say hello to PASconcept, your ultimate professional administration software solution tailored specifically for architectural, engineering, and surveying firms! If you are tired of the tedious proposal creation process, PASconcept is your best choice!

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Matthew C. Mur is proud to be the CEO of Axzes, the makers of PASconcept. He has over 10 years experience in Business Development with the bulk of that time dedicated to the Tech Industry.