Client Classification for Architecture & Engineering Firms

Understanding the needs of each type of client is essential for a successful business. Architecture and engineering firms often approach each client differently based on their particular needs. For example, a firm that designs factories would likely design factories for clients with a functional need, whereas a firm that specializes in designing residences would likely target clients with an expressive need.

There are different types of clients in the architecture and engineering field. These clients can be classified according to their needs, which gives architects and engineers a better understanding of what they should design for each type of client.

The Importance of Completing the Client Information

The importance of completing the client information is critical to managing relationships with clients. Completion of the data helps improve customer service and adds value to an organization’s services. Additionally, it assists in reducing errors that can occur when trying to serve a client. When accurate and complete information is available, it allows for more efficient communication between customers and providers.

Nevertheless, the classification of clients in Architectural and Engineering firms is also essential when analyzing the company’s information and PASconcept makes it easy when managing your clients.

For good and efficient client management, a company must have their client’s information all-in-one place and up-to-date. Incomplete information can lead to a number of issues. For example, if the client information is incomplete, it can lead to billing errors. Furthermore, if the client information is not up-to-date, it can also lead to lost business. Finally, if the customer’s data is not protected, it can be stolen or used without the customer’s consent.

Client Management with PASconcept

PASconcept pays special attention to customer information. The customer’s contact card in PASconcept goes beyond a contact file from an application like Outlook, Google, or iOS. With PASconcept Mobile App, you can easily access your client list and contact them directly from using the app.

In PASconcept, every client has its own company profile with all the relevant information and you can add different contacts associated with that organization.

With PASconcept you will be able to add the client basic information such as name, company, address, web page, notes, tags, availability, source, and even the standard US classification of NAIC code. Having a specific NAIC code using PASconcept is beneficial for businesses because it allows them to focus on their specific area of expertise and it can give them a competitive edge. Additionally, NAIC codes classification can help businesses to identify trends and patterns.

You can also have the ability to choose if you want to receive notifications regarding any important action like accepting a proposal or paying an invoice.

One great feature about client source is that each company can determine and create their own sources. This field is totally customizable for PASconcept users. We always offer some suggestions that we think would be valuable such as referred by client, referred by employee, phone call, website, etc.

On the other hand, PASconcept has the ability to autocomplete client addresses or project locations powered by Google. This efficient feature can avoid mistakes or incomplete address information.

Why is it Important to Classify Clients?

Client classification is vital for understanding client behavior. Client classification identifies different market segments within marketing strategies and allows firms to develop suitable products for each segment. This enables a firm to optimize sales performance and create loyal customers through product and service differentiation.

Client status is very important when classifying customers. A business should be able to know what is the situation with each client by looking at their status. If you see a client that is classified as a potential lead, you can predict that there may be an opportunity to do business with him/her. Statuses in PASconcept are pre-defined as Active, Inactive, Potential, or Prospective (we can modify these per your request).

As an architectural and engineering company, it is essential to be well-informed about the different types of clients you could work with. This encompasses understanding their needs, wants, and motivations for undertaking a project. It also involves knowing about their taste in design and architecture.

It is important for an architectural or engineering company to be well-informed about their different clientele. Doing so will help you to better serve them and result in a better product.

How to Classify Clients?

It is widely recognized that having standard definitions of the public and private economic sectors allows department heads to compare and contrast the relative size and direction of trends within markets based on their customer base.

It is vital for architecture and engineering firms to identify client needs, understand requirements, develop products/services specifically tailored to individual markets, and ensure relationship and service.

A typical business receives many inquiries from potential customers through direct mail, advertisements, word-of-mouth referral sources, phone calls, and visits to your business. As an owner you may want to know what channel brings you the most profit and the only way to have this information is by reflecting this information into your system to have it always accessible.

PASconcept pays close attention to customer classification. The application helps its users understand their business by classifying clients by type, using NAICS codes to categorize customers into different groups. Potentially, it also allows executives to filter by status and source to see company’s insights.

Want to Know More?

With PASconcept you can easily classify clients from the moment you meet a new possible lead. With all this information at your fingertips, you can forecast and predict future events with any specific client. If you want to learn more about how we manage our client classification within PASconcept, please request a demo at the below button!

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