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Administrator Account: Edit Proposal

Create fee proposals. PASconcept allows its Administrators to generate and send fee proposals in an expeditious manner. The Administrator can create several proposal templates in advance, from which to choose later when creating a new proposal. Each proposal will contain details about the Client it is directed to, the project at hand, the scope of work, billing schedules, and contract terms. PASconcept proposals are devised to be a one-step quoting proposes, in which the client receives all necessary information to make the decision about accepting it or not.

Administrator Account: Print-Send Proposal

Forward fee proposals. Once it is ready, PASconcept can forward the proposal to the Client via email and make it available on the Client's PASconcept account as well. To accept it, the Client has the option to print, sign and send it back to the Administrator, or he can just sign in to his PASconcept account and accept or decline it online with a click.

Administrator Account: Jobs List

General information about each project. This is the Home page of the Administrator's PASconcept account. In this page, the Administrator will be able to see details about each job's name, details, date, budget consumption, employee assigned to it, how much of the contract amount has not been collected yet, etc.

Administrator Account: Job's Details

Detailed job information. Many entries on this page are imported from the preceding proposal, if there is one. The Invoices section is the place to create or delete the job's invoices, save collection notes, mark the invoice as collected, among other options. The contents of this section affect the information shown across several pages of the Administrator, Employee and Client accounts. The Subcontracts section displays the information about subcontracts approved by the Administrator after a previous Request for Proposals process, in order to obtain bids to outsource a portion of the work. Unlike the Invoices section, the Subcontracts section draws its information from the results of processes occurring elsewhere in PASconcept. The Notes and Hyperlink sections serve to record desired comments, internet addresses, general information, and notices pertaining to the job.

Administrator Account: Invoices List

Invoices created across all jobs. In this page the Administrators can view invoices from across all jobs, and search for specific invoices according to whether they have been emitted to the client, collected, not collected, etc. In this page, the Administrator can look for billing information, draw statistical data from active and inactive jobs, and have ready at hand the contact information provided by the Client for billing communications.

Employee Account: Job New Time Entry

Timesheet and budget consumption. In this page Employees record the time they spend on each project. An Employee can select a specific project and describe the work performed in terms of date and hours, and include notes about the scope of work. Hours entered in this page directly affect the overall project budget consumption, in combination with the hourly multiplier set for the Employee recording the hours. All entries are gathered in a continuous personal log visible both to the Employee and the Administrators.