January Newsletter

PASconcept January 2023 Newsletter

2022 Highlights!

  • Users can view pending and past due activities from the homepage, mark Favorites, and view company recent activity in the company Feed.
  • Timesheets: Enter time for Proposals, Jobs, Opportunities, and more all in one place!
  • Jobs: Users, with the appropriate permissions, can determine which Statuses are viewed in the Kanban view for the Company. Additionally the order in which visible statuses can be viewed can be customized for the company.
  • Companies can allow users to Clock-in and Clock-out. Clocked time can be viewed by users with the appropriate permissions in Project > Time Entries > Punch Card Logs.
  • Proposals: Users can now upload their custom proposals into the system and manage them from PASconcept.

PASconcept Additional Features

  • Property Data: Retrieve Property Data from the nation’s leading property data libraries with a single click. Retrieve Parcel/Boundary Data, Building Data, Historical Deed information, Market Value, Taxes and Assessments, and Ownership data for Properties associated to Jobs and Proposals.
  • Quickbooks Integration: Associating Clients, Employees, and Jobs, can be done directly from the Detail View.
  • Surveying Survey
  • Inspections Module
  • Request for Proposals (RFP)
  • Physical Good and Services
  • Clock In/Clock Out

Project Management Guide

Project Management Guide Webinar January 26





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Project Management Guide 

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