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PAScocnept can be accessed through any browser-friendly device.  To Log In or Register to use PASconcept, simply click on the corresponding button below.

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Frequently Asked Questions

We are always here to answer your questions, below are a few we are commonly asked.
How long would it take to start using PASconcept at my company?

It really is a matter of days, however our consultant will work as long as it takes to cover all the first steps.

Do I need to download PASconcept on to computers?

It is not required. Pasconcept runs through a web browser. Everything is more secure and simple.

Can we import company data from other tools/Excel?

Yes, absolutely! PASconcept is built to be able to both import and export to and from Excel. We’ve made this process even easier by including templated Excel sheets available for download directly from inside PASconcept.

Who helps me set up PASconcept for my company?

We assign an implementation consultant who will help you during the whole process of data import, customization and training.

Can I integrate PASconcept with QuickBooks?

Yes. PASconcept is currently enriched with two way communication with both QuickBooks Online and QuickBooks PRO (Desktop).

Do I receive training to start using PASconcept? Do my employees receive training?

Yes, it is part of our implementation protocol. We include up to 100 hours of training with every license.

What are the technical support channels of PASconcept?

 You have direct access from the tool itself. You also have an email, and our social networks

Can I give different levels of access to different users in PASconcept?

Yes. PASconcept is a flexible and dynamic tool that allows administrators to define access and permission on a per-user basis. Each user can have a completely unique set of access and permissions.

Can I assign an employee to a specific project?

Certainly. You can assign not only a project manager to a specific project/job, but also as many employees as you feel are necessary to complete the project/job.

Can I keep track of the hours each employee has used per project?

Yes. A key facet of PASconcept is time-tracking and budget use. Keeping track of employee hours is critical for both these elements.

Does PASconcept allow for the use of project phases?

Yes, while not required, PASconcept is fully capable of supporting phases in regards to proposals, projects/jobs, and billing.

What features does the mobile app have?

It allows you to see the location of all projects and you can add images to them. It is a very useful function when you visit your customers.

Can I send emails and text messages from PASconcept?

Absolutely. PASconcept can be configured to both your email and telecommunications services to send emails and text messages to your contacts and clients.

Can we attach plans, images and other documents to a project?

Yes, PASconcept offers you cloud space to add any type of document to your projects. Additionally, files can also be uploaded and associated to invoices and clients, and can be made public to the extent that the document can be shared with the people who don’t use PASconcept.

Do I need a dropbox account or any other account with a cloud-storage provider to save my documents?

No, in fact PASconcept eliminates your need for another cloud-storage provider. See previous question.

Can I check PASconcept when I am outside my office?

Yes. PASconcept is a web-based application that can be accessed through the use of a username and password from any browser enabled device.

Can I have a backup of the data entered in PASconcept locally on my computer?

Any and all data entered in PASconcept is yours to freely access and export as you see fit. We make it simple to generate reports and export information directly from the PASconcept.

How can I send a proposal to a client?

Generating and sending a proposal through PASconcept can be done in minutes using our six-step proposal maker.

Is an annual license required to use PASconcept?

No, it is not required. While an annual license provides you with the best value per user, short-term licenses are also available upon request.

Can I use my own verbiage for my services, my projects, and my proposals?

Yes. PASconcept is fully customizable, you can easily modify and update any description and any name throughout the PASconcept.

Can I know the hours budgeted for a project/job and the actual hours used on that project/job?

Yes. This is one of the key elements of PASconcept.