FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions
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Who is PASconcept best suited for?

Architectural, engineering and land surveyor companies will benefit the most from using PASconcept. However, PASconcept may also apply to other companies with similar business needs.

Do I need to install PASconcept into every device I use?

No. PASconcept is a web-based app that can be accessed by all browsers, tablets and smartphones without installation.

What are the system requirements to access PASconcept?

Just like with other web applications, to access PASconcept you will only need a device - desktop computer, laptop, tablet, telephone - with an internet connection and a browser.

How does the PASconcept registration process work?

The registration process is simple and easy to follow. To register, you need a valid email address and access to the internet. You will then receive a verification e-mail that will contain a link for you to confirm your e-mail and continue the registration process. Basic information about you and your company will then be required. Once entered, you will have full access to your new account and a to-do list will appear to help you set up your business with PASconcept.

If I choose to start using PASconcept, about how long would it take to learn how to use it?

The learning curve for PASconcept is a progressive, shallow curve. Learning how to use the app usually begins with comprehending the basics and transitioning to the more advanced parts of the app. However, the app is user-friendly, has a support blog, and personal support is also available.

Where is my data stored?

In a specialized, SAS 70 certified, server collocation facility, designed to protect your data throughout the most extreme emergency circumstances, including those of an environmental nature. The facility is furnished with a fully redundant infrastructure that ensures power, air conditioning, and high-speed fiber optic connectivity at absolutely all times.

Is my data safe?

The facility where your data is stored is protected by a security system comprised of 24-hour man guards, complete video surveillance and digital recording - which includes monitoring fire systems, HVAC systems and power circuits -, and proximity cards and biometric readers that control all physical access.

Can I access PASconcept on my iPad?

Yes, as long as it is connected to the internet.

When signing up for PASconcept services, is there a minimum limit of subscription time that I must purchase?

Yes, but it is only one month. It will give you a better time frame to get acquainted with the application and make a more informed decision about whether or not you wish to end the subscription.

How can my clients and employees access my PASconcept service?

The first step in granting them access is to sign them into your lists of clients and employees respectively. Once you've done so, you will have the option to send them their login information via email at any time, and with it, they can sign in to the right account profile and be ready-to-go. Note that an email address is a mandatory requisite to sign up new users into your PASconcept service.

Can my clients see their documents online?

Yes. Your clients have a personalized client account that they can access anywhere and anytime with their username and password. With their account, they can review their proposals, jobs and invoices

Can my employees view sensitive company information?

No. There are different settings for the accessibility that employees have. Sensitive information is revealed only to individuals who need it.