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PASconcept was created by engineers that needed a new, integrated system for managing their firm. They realized that, daily, a significant amount of time was being spent on administration and organization as opposed to increasing production. A stagnant productivity level was accompanied by lost business opportunities as a consequence of mismanaged time.

Over several years, PASconcept was developed to meet the needs of architectural and engineering firms. It is an all-inclusive web application that functions as a centralized platform where all business management tools can be used efficiently and effectively. Its functionality and mobile accessibility allows administrators to maintain complete control of an entire project; from the proposal phases to project completion.

The best feature that PASconcept provides is complete integration. Not only does the program integrate a variety of tools into one application, it also allows the integration of people. Administrators, employees, sub-consultants and clients can all be connected to each other through PASconcept

Cloud Management

PASconcept has cloud functionality, used as an integrative tool for all aspects of a project.
PASconcept is a management system that integrates different administrative tools into a single program. Information, data and files are uploaded onto the cloud system, available to administrators, employees, clients and sub-contractors for use. There is no need to use separate programs, tools or software to manage a single project. PASconcept provides integration of all these tools for simple and professional management.

Cloud Management, Project Administration Services